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the multi-dimensional brain,technology and artificial intelligence Part1 ( of a series )

A andromedan guardian race of beings communicated with me in september to inform me of a situation occurring on earth right now at this time, they seemed to be very concerned because this is affecting a large portion of the human population and from what i was able to gather it may directly impact humans in terms of their ascension experience or rather their access to the organic ascension timeline.The way that the andromedans contacted me was like an undercover operation because i had to jump through several time vectors to get to a time vector where it would be safe for me and our communication line ( which in my understanding is a sign that you are under surveillance here in 3d by different types of hostile ETs and military industrial complex ),it was a direct cognitive experience of seeing and accessing several of my multiple incarnations through these time vectors until my consciousness here in 3d accessed the chosen and secured time vector where the andromedans could communicate with me.This was unusual to say the least and it needs to be told that this is also an indication that my line of communication with the guardians is compromised, they cannot communicate with me directly as they did several times before since this compromises my security and well-being for the simple reason that hostile ET factions and military industrial complex can locate the signal ( and consequently the individual receiving the signal/communication ) and of course harass and bully me through alien abductions,memory wiping, information theft, psychic attacks etc...

The concern is about how the controllers are doing everything they can to render the higher brain functions inoperable in the human population.The higher brain functions are the higher faculties that we can access through the glands located in the brain,the glands in our physical body are not just producing hormones they are access points of our multi-dimensional anatomy,the pineal gland seemed to be of highest concern to them ( if i understood well ) and i am not surprised if this is the case.They also pointed out that there is a bunch of AMATEURS that are also helping in rendering the pineal gland inoperable and by that i think that they meant some of the people in the new-age and ascension community but also some people in the truth movement, i gotta say that they are right because most of the "ascension codes" or "dna activations" that are being spread are artificial codes and disinformation about the pineal gland too.I am unable to remember the exact number they said it was but they were saying there is 1/3 or 2/3 of the human population who have their higher brain functions inoperable ( seeing their concern i would say it is most probably 2/3 ).The communication went fast as they did all they could to keep our communication line clear and going but it wasn't enough because there were moments where i could not hear them clearly,and as i was trying to communicate back to them like asking questions for instance, it seems that my awareness could not standstill in one time vector only, my consciousness was making its way back to where i am kept in a stasis chamber in the Andromeda galaxy and so they started to freak out, as soon as they realized what was happening i think they had to do something to re-focus my lightbody ( the outer, external lightbody ) into the milky way galaxy, which was a direct cognitive experience of a lightbody projection traveling back to its particular "address" of the milky way galaxy.

But anyway, once i came back from this very unusual episode it took me a couple of weeks to digest everything, and of course i had to ask myself why in the first place they went to such great lengths to communicate this information to me,i am still not quite sure as i am not a public figure/teacher/speaker in the ascension community so i thought why should this matter to me? why are they not communicating this information to people who have a communication platform with a lot of followers/listeners for instance? well i wish i had an answer but i don't so i had to try to figure out the implication of this INTEL and what does it mean in our reality.

When our higher faculties are inoperable different things occur that will impact directly our perception of reality but also our experience of existence as a human-being on this planet.The first thing that comes to mind is a severe disconnection from a very large and vast stellar network that we were originally and naturally linked to and with which we could communicate with different star families/neighbors very much like a inner telecommunication system and a inner gps system to travel to other stars system or inter/multi-dimensional travel.Another thing that occurs is a severe disconnection from our higher cognitive functions, not being able to perceive our multi-dimensional anatomy, our multi-dimensional reality, our higher-Self,our past-lives etc...something else that can occur is being unable to transduce organic light codes because the pineal gland is atrophied ( not calcified ) or because it is harnessed by a black hole matrix which is very much like having your pineal gland within a cage.The pineal gland has to be an opened channel to be able to ground and transduce the 12th dimensional hydroplasmic beam which is the planetary shield that was activated i think early 2000,the hydroplasmic beam is like a carrier wave for transducing organic light codes that come from stellar activations so that our physical system can ground those frequencies to assist the planet in the ascending process, we are like acupuncture point around the globe.This is what i can gather from a technical standpoint in very short.

It is understood that brain chemistry can be modified with drugs for instance,but also with changing weather patterns,food,genetic manipulation,sleeping patterns,technology and so forth,as i am writing this article we are on the cusp of a major shifting,the planet is moving to a higher harmonic universe ( within the Aurora continuum time fields ) at the end of this year.I do not know how this is going to play out in our 3d reality but i can imagine a kind of schism that may occur over a period of time,perhaps at cultural level first,i mean this can be experienced differently for a lot of people and it is my understanding that the first wave of people that are ascending to the Aurora continuum will be accessing a new cosmic star network,from a 3d perspective we will not necessarely see this because it is happening throught the LIGHTBODY,our lightbody is shifting to a organic ascending timeline, we have several layers of lightbody ( 5 different layers of lightbody if i remember well ) but i am referring to the outer lightbody in this article precisely because it is connected to our physical 3d body and brain.I have explained this in a previous article that the zodiac belt is a time loop,as we go round and round in this loop we are actually moving backwards in time,we are not moving forward,we have been captured in a false timeline so to speak since the planet had been knocked out of its natural alignment ( the 23.5 tilt is unnatural ) to be put in alignment with a black hole matrix ( the black hole at the center of the milky way galaxy,which is a fallen star from another universe ) so that these black hole entities could harness and siphon organic light quantum to use as food for themselves and their black hole universe.I have remembered this traumatic episode earlier this year after my external lightbody realignment to my inner lightbody where this episode happened millions of years ago.

A few weeks ago i had this direct cognitive experience where i saw this new cosmic star network,it is completely different from the fictitious 3d reality we are in right now.What we see at night when we look at the sky in our 3d reality is a static sky, it is very much like an inert reality.The new cosmic star network that we will interface with ( in the ascending timeline ) is VERY MUCH ALIVE,it is like looking at a vast cosmic and harmonious dance where you can actually see the stars and constellations contineously exchanging with each other, the constellations are very much like breathing configurations in the sky which makes this incredibly beautiful cosmic dance morphing into different movements,it is like watching the stars having a conversation with each other,the sky is filled with activity and in a constant state of creativity,this is what we will interface with at least through the lightbody first.I interpret this as the new crystalline grid,the grid of the future where we actually move forward in time and not backward in time...In this context,our future Self will emerge,this might clash with the current 3d earth culture for a while until we reach a point of equilibrium.But for those that have no context or awareness of a planetary shift into a higher harmonic within a organic timeline continuum i am guessing this could be extremely challenging,whether they are aware of it or not it will impact their lives too since the laws of the universe and the laws of physics will go up a notch in my point of view,and this will also impact the brain.

Right now we are living in a culture that has overvalued the left hemisphere of the brain while the right hemisphere of the brain has been undervalued,this was done on purpose over the ages through religious endoctrinment for instance where the feminine was humiliated,vilified,belittled,shut down and abused.We are seeing this today in the sciences and scientific fields too.By completely discarding the right hemisphere from the conversation and interaction with our environment,the left hemisphere of the brain becomes a very fertile ground for pathogenic artificial intelligence infiltration ( hello biobots,cyborgs,transhumans and synthetic reality ) which is already happening anyway,and has happened before over 200,000 years ago which was the reason why the ascension cycle did not occured at the time as it was supposed to.Although this time will be different,with the organic time wave of our eternal cosmic earth ( see Arhayasproductions/Shiftmasters/integralbridge ) the divine feminine is taking the command seat,not to suppress or to negate the masculine at all but to lead the way towards healing and true divine expression of Self.This means the right hemisphere of the brain will reappropriate its divine expression of the magnetic field and proceed to realign the left hemisphere of the brain in its divine expression of the electric field,over time the right hemisphere and left hemisphere are going to be reunited as one harmonious unit, right now on earth it is pretty much both sides of the hemisphere at war with each other and we see this in all aspects of our 3d earth culture.The idea is to bridge both hemisphere.Without the integration of the right hemisphere the left hemisphere only sees the trees and is unable to see the forest while it seeks to perceive the forest by dissecting each tree to its core,but the right hemisphere needs the left hemisphere to understand the patterns it is seeing and perceiving, then the mind can interpret reality in a clear and coherent way.

Lyson Roy

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