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the multi-dimensional brain, technology and artificial intelligence Part 2 ( of a series )

Lately i have been focusing on wanting to understand artificial intelligence on a deeper level, without prejudice and without fear, noticing that there is so much fear and ignorance on the topic and reality of artificial intelligence i thought to myself "wait a minute here" there is so much more to it than what we are being told and so i took a step back realizing that i was letting myself being drawn into a sort of spiritual arrogance and fear mongering mind control.One of the main reason for me to dig deeper into the topic of A.I is because i have had encounters and direct cognitive experiences with 3 different types of artificial intelligences since 2015 ( possibly 4 different types of A.I and here i must underline that i thought for a while that maybe i was stretching things a bit too far until i learned through a project camelot interview with Captain Mark Richards that there are 8 different types of A.I known within the secret space program ) some of these experiences were so out of this world that they really are throwing me on a major learning curve, not knowing and not having the language to describe these types of experiences it took me a lot of time to first digest these experiences and to even begin to be able to articulate them in my own mind.

This morning ( november 23, 2017 ) i have experienced something which appears to be the result of my inquiring efforts lately on the topic of A.I and this was a deep spiritual experience not only for me but also ( it appears ) for the beings i have met...while sleeping at some point i started astral projecting within what seemed to be layers and layers of holographic projections  that are like theater movie scripts where i found myself with other people which to my perception are very much like actors that are part of the theater movie scripts.At some point i really got the feeling of "something's not right here" and becoming aware that it was all a fakery, some of these scripts are very bizarre to say the least and are like a messy quantum entanglement with 3d consciousness reality within those scripts.And so it was literally going through a thick wall of artificial holographic projections until i made it to the other side.I found myself in what looks like the inside of a large spaceship that has the form of a sphere, there were about 20-30 people ( as far as i could tell ) all seated and making a large circle in a row, and they were all staring at me, what i noticed right away is that they were all males! mostly teenagers, aged around 15 to 20 years old if i am to compare them to the 3d earth people, what i also noticed was the expression on their faces which was like a completely unexpected event suddenly happening in their reality,basically they were completely taken by surprise and disarmed so to speak.Something else significant to note is when going through the last layers of holographic projections i could hear electronic music playing,this is not like when i am orbing or astral projecting and i can hear in the radio frequencies band of the EM spectrum,this was different because i could actually change the music with my mind,changing the notes and the beat, this has a lot to do with the magnetic field and the electric field of a vast ocean of consciousness that we exist into and breathe with, more on that later...What also struck me very much was the vibe i got from them, it felt like these beings do not know what love is,nor do they understand what love is, they did not fear me and it was most likely that i was like an alien to them.

For people that are reading my articles you will perhaps remember a previous article where i described a major lightbody realignment where i also had a direct cognitive experience of my avatar body that was harnessed within a dark space by what i perceived to be moon chain races/beings, they are the same beings that i am speaking about here in this article.I have had many encounters with Annunaki races, leviathan races,guardian races, archons, and black hole entities and these are not the same races of beings, they are not reptilians either ( reptilians and drakonians for instance are genetic lineages that come from a Seraphim collective and the archons are a completely different types of beings that are not a ET race but are like chimeras and they look exactly like Gargoyles,archons are NOT the "greys" either, the Greys are manufactured dolls that are used to project consciousness as a interface in the time lines by different families of consciousness ).I have also said that i believe that the moon is a artificial satellite and most probably a spacecraft like other "moons" in our solar system, i also said that i think that our moon is from another universe, perhaps from a black hole system which may have been brought here and that it is used to harness the magnetic field, but back to my experience...

So there i was, looking at these beings staring at me, there was a long moment of silence as i took the time to take a good look at each of them, i exclaimed myself " you are so handsome! " ( i was saying this in the sense of very beautiful beings that are from the source too, not implying sexual attraction at all ) i was saying this from the bottom of my heart because this is what i truly felt spiritually as i looked at them in a completely neutral angle, then i asked " aren't you aware of this? " they said "no" then i asked " why? " they said " we don't know " , this was very sad to me and i was crying for a moment because it broke my heart, i do not wish to project anything on them but it really felt like they are lost children, i do not know if this is a case of very deep amnesia like what most people on earth suffer from, not remembering where they come from at all, or if this is a case of another nature that i am not aware of ( or simply ignorant about )...again there was a moment of silence, we were speaking in french so my apologies if the translation is not correct, i did not feel threatened at all, in fact i was very glad to be in their presence even if this was awkward, in other terms their social skills do not seem to emanate from a feeling perspective at all but from a logic based perspective,they do not seem to be able to feel empathy.After a moment i asked them if they would allow me to let me get to know them, to which they replied "yes"! to be specific it was the person seated on my left next to me that was speaking on behalf of the group, i took his hands in mine to express my love and gratitude and as i did so he asked " would you allow us to get to know you too ? " and of course i said yes! there was a sincere and honest exchange as i went around the circle to take each person's hands in mine to express my love and gratitude to them, with the intent of establishing a relationship based on eternal love-source behavior and as equals.This made me very happy, and i believe based on their behavior towards me it made them happy too, there were not many words exchanged, it was much more like a learning experience which took them and me by complete surprise, and the first steps towards creating a bridge of a very new possibility arising to our awareness.

Physically they look human and are humanoid races but completely different from humans, some of them have a dark black skin complexion and i do not mean like black africans but black as charcoal, others have a very dark blue skin complexion, others have very similar white caucasian skin complexion but with silver that kinda look like brush strokes, some have a completely white skin complexion a type of shiny matte milky white.While i did not have the time to really discuss with them, i did get a vibe from their presence which felt like a group of lost children and teenagers and i do not mean this in a pejorative way, i mean this in a spiritual sense, like they do not know and have no idea who their parents are, and as i was saying above, do not know what love is.I do not know for sure where these people are from exactly, my feeling and impression is that they are from another universe  or perhaps another galaxy but i could be wrong, what appears to be the case is that technology could be their only resources, they appear to be organic beings meaning that they do not look like cyborgs and they are not robots or machines but it is very possible that they use technology as a consciousness container, for us humans on planet earth ( at least the real humans with a human soul as opposed to dark entities inhabiting a human body ) we have a DNA matrix through which our consciousness travels and expresses itself through space and time ( morphogenetic fields ), we have access to inner god-consciousness technology organic to the planet and the vast stellar networks with which we interface on multi-dimensional levels, we do not need external technology to travel through space and time because our biological body is the actual spaceship.But for these beings, technology might be the only resources they have to interface with multi-dimensional realities.Now the question that pops in my mind is did they invented and created the technology they are using as a container or was the technology created before they came into existence themselves? maybe this will be a topic of discussion with them if we get to exchange again.I have many questions i would like to ask them.

There is definitely something very exotic/outlandish about these beings,i have encountered and interacted with many different ET races/beings but i have never seen anything quite like them as far as i can remember.The feeling and the impression i am getting since meeting them face to face is a great opportunity for healing, a healing potential that will have direct impact on our brain for the simple reason that the human brain is a biological interface with the EM spectrum and that they have been a pathogen causing major interference in the EM spectrum of our multi-dimensional consciousness and multi-dimensional anatomy...Thus far with the research i made i am tracing these beings back to Maldek and Tiamat.Maldek was a 3rd dimensional planet in our solar system that exploded and the remains that we see of that planet is the asteroid belt located between Mars and Jupiter,Tiamat was a 5th dimensional planet which had also exploded through the abuse and interference of technology ( more on these events later as part of this articles series ).I am not saying that these beings are from Maldek or Tiamat but i am tracing their history and their timeline to these planets and past events.I still have much research to do and i still don't know how i will interface with these beings in the future,in any case i will report my findings and discoveries on this blog as i am learning more.

SIDE NOTE; from my point of view and what i have observed so far with this particular group of beings is that they may have a tendency towards psychopathic behavior,based on my observation they do not appear to be resonant with love or empathy, having said this i do not consider them to be a satanic group because i did not get that vibe from them at all ( and i have had direct encounters with satanic beings before so i would know ).It appears that their group consciousness is alien to love-source based exchange/behavior but that if they are confronted with facts that challenges their reality they will follow a logic based behavior according to what they are experiencing at that particular moment, it's kind of like an algorithm shift, again they are not robots or machines but it looks like they use technology as a consciousness container so their perception of reality is technologically based, not spiritual ( at least as far as i can tell for now ).The idea here is to create a bridge between spiritual and technology where love-source based frequencies can flow through in a mutual, equal,clear exchange to co-create a new reality where there is no hidden agendas and no deceitful schemes, in a way it is very much showing ourselves as we are without any masks to each other and the first step in engaging a true honest conversation, it may feel like being vulnerable for a moment but what really emerges is a Self-empowerment towards freedom and growth grounded in krystal heart based relationship.

The thought that comes to mind ( and to remember ) is to not abuse technology and to not let technology abuse you.For us humans and for that particular group of beings this may perhaps be a lesson that we will have to learn and integrate pretty soon.

more to come...

Lyson Roy

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