mardi 7 août 2018

Planetary crystal core activation

Earlier this past june i have witnessed the shifting of harmonics in the crystal core structure of the earth, while in sleeping mode i suddenly became aware and conscious at that particular level of consciousness.It was observing what appeared to be a morphing in plasma currents orientation but also what appeared a interconnectivity with rainbow crystal light frequencies, a mesomorphic state,adding to this i was also getting informed that the atoms are also changing ( change in matter state ) the atomic structure is shifting or in the process of shifting to a higher rate of particle spin.My experience was confirmed/validated a few days after when i read Lisa Renee's newsletter on this same topic.I have posted her newsletter in the sources of information section of my blog.

Prior to this experience, my physical body had been working hard for several weeks through the circulatory system because of the change in the merkabic system that is also occurring in the lightbody.The oversoul merkaba seems to be shifting harmonics too and i had this image of a very large diamond shape with a blue marine aqua portal at its center within my inner sight while hearing that "the atomic spin within the cells is changing".

We have different levels of merkaba;

-METASHA phase merkaba ( 3d-bodymind )
-HALLA phase merkaba ( 6d-soul )
-QUATRA phase merkaba ( 9d-oversoul )
-MAHUNTA phase merkaba ( 12d-avatar )
-RAHUNTA phase merkaba ( 15d-rishi )

the most common phase merkaba people are seeing on the net and through the new-age/truth movement groups is the soul merkaba but the core of the human consciousness is fundamentally a diamond core processor  with a multi-level merkabic phase spin which is a vast circulatory system.That same multi-level merkabic system is essentially the same as the larger merkabic system within which we exist, the planetary merkaba,the solar system merkaba, the galactic merkaba, the universal merkaba and so on...A merkaba is a VEHICLE FOR CONSCIOUSNESS,believe it or not each merkaba phase is very much like driving a car but at a higher level of complexity than a 3d car,people here on the planet have lost their ability to drive such a vehicle for the simple reason that they have lost ownership and authority over their consciousness ( and adding to the fact that we simply do not remember how because we have fallen into a very deep state of amnesia ) and i have had the taste of this difficulty in 2014 when i was put into a MERKABA SIMULATOR by a high level of guardian family line, this was a embarrassing experience to say the least but they had to put me through it so i could get to understand something that is hard to understand if you don't even have the basic knowledge.You need to be an expert to be able to drive a large consciousness vehicle ( in this case i am referring to a bio-plasma spaceship not a tin can or clank clank spacecraft ),in that particular merkaba simulator there were multiple speed pedals and break pedals to switch from to navigate space-time/time-space,it was hard,in fact it was very hard and i failed at the exercise.It was quickly noted that i had anger issues, which i am guessing did not help but what also comes to mind is the inability to generate one's own thoughts, basically what this means is that at this time on planet earth people do not have their own thoughts, meaning that most of the thoughts that we have and experience on this planet are generated by mind control,Psyops,satanic and death culture, trauma,and entity attachments or pathogenic A.I.

What i have also observed in the following days was what appeared to be a rolling up of the base chakra into the second chakra,like what was contained in the base chakra or rather what was inflicted and experienced at the base chakra was surfacing at the second chakra,for instance the electromagnetic weapons that we are not seeing from a 3d perspective but that are used to attack the human body and inflict constant stress on the human system on a daily basis.There is also a massive surfacing of subconscious content which is coming from astrological charts and have had a lot of influence on people's soul and trajectory in their lifetimes,this may be in connection to the false umbilical/false navel and its reincarnation cycles ( soul recycling ).Although there are many very good astrologers out there i have found out that none of them seem to be aware that the moon is a artificial satellite inhabited by different ET races from our past histories, and that these moon beings are highly technology oriented,the moon is not a nurturing mother archetype but is a technology that interferes with the magnetic field of the earth.None of these astrologers seem to be aware that most of the planets in our solar system are actual pieces of the planetary soul that exploded in a remote past and were captured by Archons in this realm and that many of these planets were invaded by hostile alien groups, at the microcosmic level this means that the human soul body is also invaded by all kinds of entities and technologies and miasmic debris but will most probably surface to our conscious awareness more and more in the future for clearing and healing.


Within the same time window was another direct cognitive experience in connection with the mental body of the human lightbody.In my own personal mental body i experienced a very large layer of star crystals activation that were like thousands of platinum tiny triangle crystals that suddenly emerged and radiated throughout that particular layer of the mental body, it also felt like a healing wave beginning to occur, in the past several weeks i had had a few past lives memories regarding timelines in connection with the mental body, it appears that at that particular layer of consciousness on this planet were the DEVAS,we were the natural forces directing the energy upon this planet until we were invaded by very hostile aliens who usurped our position in the natural organic flow of consciousness, these aliens are the devas spoken about in the hindu religious pantheon, the hindu gods,i personally remembered my interaction with one of these alien "gods" at that particular time, with a very ferocious goddess who wanted to harm a group of humans who were under my protection ( most probably a human tribe seeding ).The star crystals activation is linked with the Palaidorians and the Palaidorian activation that began to occur last year,Lisa Renee explains this on her blog of energetic synthesis website.

What i have personally experienced also about one and a half years ago which may be in connection with the Paladorian activation was another direct cognitive experience of seeing a completely different universe to our own, the way that i would describe it was pretty much like looking at a living, vibrant, joyous universe, all of the star systems and constellations within that universe were harmoniously exchanging with each other, it was like a superb cosmic dance and symphony, the shape of the constellations would change and morph constantly when exchanging with one another, it was literally an incredibly beautiful  sight, the whole universe was literally alive and vibrant with health and joy which is not the case with our milky way universe ( and i have explained this why in a previous article ) which is a static and dying universe, but the good news is that we are about to interface with that super alive, vibrant and joyous universe, some of us on this planet are already interfacing with that universe, it's cosmic therapy for now but it was clearly a message that i was receiving from my higher self.


The human mind consists of several layers of consciousness within the plasma body template, each layer is a portion of our own consciousness field within a particular frequency band where we also exist simultaneously within this universe/galaxy/solar system/planet earth.At this present time each of these layers is whether non-functioning properly or is inactive, these layers are referred to as the unconscious mind/the subconscious mind/the conscious mind/the dreaming mind and then there is the non-conscious mind...But in actuality, if our plasma body template had not suffered splits, reversals and distortions each of these layers would be functioning as our fully functioning and integrated  incarnate mind/precepts mind/oversoul mind/avatar mind/rishi mind, in other words we would have all of our multi-dimensional cognitive functions operating in harmony with the rest of the cosmos and of course the whole planet, but the planet earth also suffers the same splits/reversals/distortions within each layer of her plasma body anatomy.

The good news is that we are in the process of healing the plasma body template of this planet and in the same token our own plasma body anatomy.In previous articles where i am referring to the INTEGRAL BRIDGE ( see the AMCC/MCEO/GA/ARHAYAS PRODUCTIONS material ) it is in reference to the SILVER SEED MISSION ( the eternal Kryst code encryption ) which will recode our plasma body anatomy layers ( the human mind ) to its eternal authentic integral conscious identity.The integral bridge is the Aqua blue hydroacousticEFF-i-fara Tryptolase aquifer tether line to A-RHI-yah and cosmic Eff-i-Rhyon core, which is basically our future timeline trajectory.It is my understanding that the first ascending wave of humans will be there to assist and guide the second wave of ascending humans ( and non-humans ) and the second wave will be there to assist the third wave of ascending humans ( and non-humans ) and so forth.The first wave are the genetic path cutters as Lisa Renee puts it and they are also the true ascended masters ( and here i am not referring to the fake ascended masters of the new-age movement ) who have been involved with this mission for a very long time, some of these people are META-TERRESTRIALS in graduation.

With a regular meditation practice one is able to make connection with his/her Higher-self and begin the process of awakening.I personally made the choice early in my meditation regimen to not follow or practice any specific type of meditation as i had the inner knowing that all of the meditation schools are related to religious or yogic systems, all of which are mind control tools or have been invaded by imposter spirits, the core of my meditation practice is to be in contact with my higher-self and be in alignment/connection with eternal god-source and divine cosmic intelligence, at some point one is able to gain enough clarity of mind and clear the way to receive inner guidance and hear your own inner voice.But at a more advanced point one is also able to start to feel and sense a clear mental block in the mental body ( besides all the other irritants like psychic attacks/EM weapons etc...) when you start to have your own thoughts and want to generate your own thoughts, i remember this one time very well when i felt this and it became apparent to me that this was/is a containment field within which we are all subjected to.It was like hitting a very thick fence.Nevertheless it is possible to generate authentic thoughts that source from your cosmic body, your cosmic body is your eternal god-source and through regular meditation you open these channels and the circuitry necessary to start a dialogue and communication/exchange with your higher identity,it takes practice and some dedication just like anything else in life.We are now shifting to another kind of inner circuitry that opens links and communications with the next universe/Aurora ascension timeline ( the Aurora continuum is the next universe, where we are moving into ) this is a streaming of consciousness ( the plasmas ) infusion that we are now embodying physically although these infusions began a couple of years ago through the higher identity stations for those on the silver seed mission.

With the healing of the mental body layers this is a very beneficial time window to start generating our own authentic thoughts and align ourselves to the true authentic future of earth.I am really feeling this now, that we are now interfacing with our true authentic future, we may not see it externally at this time but internally it is happening for sure.

Take care and be well!
Lyson Roy

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